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Harold Adrian Russell Philby. Biografi om Kim Philby Kim Philby

Kim Philby: A timeline 1912 Harold Adrian Russell 'Kim' Philby is born on 1 January in Amballa, India, the son of Dora and St John. 1925 Attends Westminster School in London. Kim Philby in Beirut . In 1956 Nicholas Elliott arranged for Kim Philby to work for MI6 in Beirut. His cover was as a journalist being employed by the Observer and the Economist: "The Observer and Economist would share Philby's services, and pay him £3,000 a year plus travel and expenses.

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Denis Potvin, en 11. Leyla Jerrie Josephine Zetterberg Bornebusch, född 12 september 1981 i vars övriga medlemmar var Guy Burgess, Kim Philby och Donald  Josephin. Josephine. Josephines Pocahontas.

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He is widely considered history’s most successful double spy. While working as a senior member of British intelligence, he spied on behalf of the Soviet NKVD and KGB from the early 1930s until his defection.

Kim philby josephine philby

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Philippians. Kim Parker, en 12.
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Kim philby josephine philby

Vivo. Dum la studado li konatiĝis kun Guy Francis de Moncy Burgess, kiu kondukis lin al la spiona rondo de la Kembriĝa Kvinopo.

Emilie Josefina född 1880. Illustrerad. Long, Kim The Almanac of Political Corruption, Scandals and Dirty Politics. The Philby Conspirators in Washington.
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Harold Adrian Russell Philby. Biografi om Kim Philby Kim Philby

Vivo. Dum la studado li konatiĝis kun Guy Francis de Moncy Burgess, kiu kondukis lin al la spiona rondo de la Kembriĝa Kvinopo. Kim Philby sündis Harry St. John Bridger Philby (hiljem šeik Abdulla) pojana. Mõne aja pärast asus pere Inglismaale, kus Kim Philby sai väga hea hariduse, muutudes paljude eakaaslaste kombel härrassotsialistiks.

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Kim touched many corners of the Empire in his early years, from his birthplace in India to the deserts of the Arabian peninsula to the prestigious schools of England. Kim Philby was the senior officer of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) in Washington in the early 1950s, working with the CIA and FBI, when he fell under suspicion of spying.

Stock Image by ANL for editorial use, Oct   Kim Philby, British intelligence officer until 1951 and the most successful Soviet double agent of the Cold War period. He was apparently responsible for the  Josephine Philby, Self: The Spy Who Went Into the Cold. Josephine Philby. + Add or change photo on IMDbPro » Daughter of Kim Philby. Getting Started  Aug 23, 2009 John Philby, who has died aged 65, was the eldest son of the Russian spy Kim Philby, unmasked in 1963 as a double agent and the notorious  A Storyville documentary about the circumstances behind the escape of notorious British spy Kim Philby, who defected to Moscow in 1963 from under the nose  Jul 12, 2017 In 1963, at the height of the Cold War, a well-educated Englishman called Kim Philby boarded a Russian freighter in Beirut and defected to  Kim Philby was a British intelligence officer, who became notorious in Great Thomas Philby, Harry George Philby, John David Philby, Josephine F. Philby,  Feb 18, 2021 Harold Adrian Russell "Kim" Philby or H.A.R. Philby (en:OBE: 1946-1965), (1 January 1912 – 11 May 1988) was a high-ranking member of  Harold Adrian Russell "Kim" Philby (1 January 1912 11 May 19881) was a high- ranking member of British intelligence who worked as a double agent before  Mar 6, 2010 When it's finally made clear that I've come from England to visit the grave of my grandfather, Kim Philby, a Soviet agent who was given a hero's  Masterspy Kim Philby's secret life is far stronger than any spy fiction.

Marvin Philip Josephine Potuto, en 5. Denis Potvin, en 11.